SAC “The via Traiana”

The Environmental and Cultural System for promoting and enhancing a unique land

The towns of Brindisi, Carovigno, Ceglie Messapica, Ostuni, Fasano and San Vito dei Normanni, together with the Coastal Dunes Regional Nature Park from Torre Canne to Torre San Leonardo and the Torre Guaceto State Nature Reserve, have promoted the establishment of the “Via Traiana” Environmental and Cultural System, creating a “network” for the promotion and enhancement of the local public environmental and cultural heritage.

The overall goal of the project is to create a integrated usage system for the municipalities that can generate development, promotion and enhancement effects throughout the area. The Environmental and Cultural System will involve the producing and carrying out of innovative educational workshops, events and experiential visits, which also utilize multimedia setups and technologies to bring people closer to art, history, nature and places with imagination and creativity.

The places:

  • Palazzo Granafei Nervegna – Brindisi
  • The Tourist’s House – Brindisi
  • Porta Lecce, Porta Mesagne and the San Giacomo Ramparts Brindisi
  • Francesco Ribezzo Provincial Archaeological Museum - Brindisi
  • Dentice di Frasso Castle - Carovigno
  • Ducal Castle Ceglie Messapica
  • Museum of Archaeology and Contemporary Art - Ceglie Messapica
  • Museum of Preclassical Civilizations of Southern Murgia Ostuni
  • Santa Maria d’Agnano Archaeological Park Ostuni
  • Morelli River (aquaculture system) - Ostuni
  • Park House - Coastal Dunes Regional Nature Park
  • Visitor Center Botanical Gardens - Torre Guaceto State Nature Reserve
  • Torre Canne Lighthouse – Fasano
  • Egnatia Archaeological Park – Fasano
  • Palazzo Azzariti - San Vito dei Normanni
  • Church of San Giovanni – San Vito dei Normanni
  • Church of Santa Maria della Pietà - San Vito dei Normanni

In Puglia la bellezza aspetta solo di essere percorsa - SAC La Via Traiana  


Il faro di Torre Canne - il game  

La tomba delle melagrane - Fasano